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It is our goal that students have fun learning to play music they love and that they look forward to their lessons. We encourage students take an active and guiding role in their learning process where, over time, they learn to figure out their favourite songs on their own. It is important to us that students look forward to practicing and feel inspired and confident about what they are learning.


We focus on a true connection with our students and providing a warm and supportive environment. We enjoy a friendly informal setting with a good balance between serious work and humor. Everyone is encouraged to share their favourite music and our personalized lesson plans reflect that music. Our curriculum is a mix of tried and tested traditional in-person teaching methods with cutting-edge online technology. This gives students the confidence that, when they walk out of the classroom, they’re equipped with the necessary tools to enjoy their practice and that they can reference the many resources they have online in case they hit a roadblock.


We are committed to the ever-evolving journey of musical education and aspire to improve our in-person and online curriculum continually. Through ongoing self-education, staying attuned to emerging trends, and maintaining open lines of communication with our students and parents, we ensure that every refinement enhances the learning experience. Our commitment is to an evolving future where our transformative music education remains a beacon of inspiration, warmth, and unwavering support.


When you step into our classroom you’ll find a calm and friendly atmosphere. Every student is warmly greeted with a smile and within each lesson encouragement and humor are blended seamlessly to make learning not only educational but also fun and enjoyable. We take pride in providing an environment where creativity flourishes so that music can come to life. At Nelson Guitar Academy, we celebrate each student’s unique path, fostering a space where creative minds blossom.

Learn to play guitar in Nelson BC with andre van berlo. Nelson Guitar Academy


Video Courses (Coming Soon)

Access a wealth of supplementary learning materials through our upcoming full-fledged online video courses. These courses are designed to complement both group classes and private lessons, enriching your musical journey with in-depth content.

Live Streams & Zoom

We understand that circumstances like weather or health can sometimes hinder physical attendance. In such cases, students can opt for last-minute live lessons via Zoom or choose a recorded lesson of their preference to seamlessly substitute any missed sessions. Our commitment to flexibility ensures that your learning experience aligns with your unique schedule.

Learning Continuity

Never face roadblocks at home due to forgotten lesson details. Benefit from our lesson video summaries, available within 24 hours of your lesson. These summaries serve as a quick review, keeping you on track and confident in your practice.

What Makes Us Unique

At Nelson Guitar Academy, our commitment to providing unparalleled music education stems from a unique blend of expertise, experience, innovation, and an unwavering passion for inspiring musical journeys.
André boasts a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music combined with a legacy of 30 years of teaching. This academic foundation and wealth of experience ensures a depth of knowledge that goes beyond conventional teaching, enriching the learning experience for every student, young and old. 
What truly distinguishes us is our commitment to providing the best of both worlds. Our in-person lessons offer a warm and personal touch that fosters a genuine connection. Complementing this, is our robust online support system that features instructional videos and guidance, ensures continuous learning beyond the classroom.
André is not just a teacher; he’s a mentor who fosters the spark of creativity and passion in every student. The classroom resonates with a spirit of encouragement and humor, making the learning process not just educational but fun and deeply inspiring.


Nelson Guitar Academy has its roots in the passion and expertise of André van Berlo, a dedicated guitar instructor with a rich history in music education. Originally from the Netherlands, André spent 15 years honing his craft as a guitar instructor at one of the largest music schools in the country. Over the years he realized that he could have a bigger impact by providing free lessons on youtube. As a result, in 2010, he founded Your Guitar Workshop, an online platform that garnered remarkable success with 135,000 subscribers and over 25 million views on YouTube.

In 2015, André, along with his family, made the daring move to Nelson, BC. Already an experienced educator, he founded Nelson Guitar Academy, initially as a side project while concurrently serving as a guitar instructor at Selkirk Music College for about four years. During that same period André initiated the Kootenay School Music Guitar Program, a community-driven effort that found its way into Blewett Elementary School, Red Fish Elementary School, and Rosemont Elementary School.


The trajectory of Nelson Guitar Academy took a transformative turn with the onset of the pandemic. Following a decline in student enrolment at Selkirk Music College, André, now fully committed to the academy, steered its growth from 20 to over 80 students in less than three months. This marked a pivotal moment, leading to the academy becoming a thriving hub for guitar enthusiasts.


Recognizing the need for diverse learning experiences, Nelson Guitar Academy expanded its offerings to include group classes tailored for both kids and adults over the following years. At the same time the academy introduced an online student portal featuring video courses and video messaging capabilities, ensuring that students have a seamless and enriching learning experience, whether in-person or online. From 2010 to 2023 André has recorded over 1200 instructional videos, some of which featured on youtube but most exclusively for Nelson Guitar Academy and Your Guitar Workshop.


Today, André has over 30 years of teaching experience and his commitment to excellence is reflected in the 5-star rating based on 28 reviews on Facebook and Google. From its inception as a side project to becoming a thriving and innovative music academy, Nelson Guitar Academy stands as a testament to André van Berlo’s dedication, resilience, and passion for providing exceptional guitar education to the community of Nelson and beyond.



Rotterdam Conservatory, Bachelor Degree (Music Instruction & Performance)
Rotterdam Conservatory, 2nd Phase / Master Degree (Performance & Composition)
Vancouver Community College, PIDP (Delivery Of Instruction)


2010-Present Guitar Instructor, Contemporary,
2015-Present Guitar Instructor, Contemporary, Nelson Guitar Academy
2016-2020 Guitar Instructor, Contemporary, Selkirk Music College
2010-2015 Guitar Instructor, Classical, Crescendo Music School
2004-2010 Guitar Instructor, Classical, Kreater Music School
2002-2015 Guitar Instructor, Contemporary, ToBe Music School
1994-2002 Guitar Instructor, Contemporary, Self Employed


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