I leave every guitar lesson feeling inspired!

– Aysia Loeppky

“It is all about connecting with the student. Once the connection is there, the magic happens!”

Even though I teach how to play music,  my guitar and ukulele classes at the Nelson Guitar Academy are about more than that. I try to connect with my students and bond with them. I want them to be just who they are and I try to create the environment in which they can express themselves freely. To me, these are essential elements for growth in any field!


Guitar lessons and ukulele lessons in private or in a group at nelson guitar academy


Learning music in a group can be extremely fun and powerful. Students love to connect with each other, and quickly realize that everyone has their challenges on the instrument. Seeing your classmates play and improve is super motivating!

Learn to play your favourite songs on guitar or ukulele with Andre van Berlo at nelson guitar academy.


Are you in need of a more personalized approach? All private lessons are at your own pace which can be great for motivation and self esteem. These lessons also provide the focus needed to develop more challenging skills on the instrument.


Over the past 30 years I have studied both electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical, and ukulele. Whatever your instrument of choice and playing style is, I will assist and guide you on your journey. 


André is a highly skilled instructor and master guitarist. I really appreciate how he has focused on lesson plans that hone my skills and challenge my abilities. He is accomplished in being able to play a multitude of different types of music. This makes it much easier to try new things in different styles.I was quite surprised to see that he was actually taking notes on my progress. The fact that he will at times record a particular exercise or section of a piece of music we are working on is also extremely helpful.I enjoy his enthusiasm, insight, and great sense of humor. Very happy to have him as a guide on my musical journey!

Absolutely wonderful...a great teacher. Supportive, knowledgeable, and makes it fun! The best decision I made to learn Ukulele.

Andre is a fantastic guitar teacher! My son would do lessons everyday if he could. Andre is patient, kind and works with the student's interests which makes my son so happy. I can't believe how much he has learned in such a short time. Look no further for a guitar teacher, Andre's the best!

Been taking guitar lessons from Andre since September 2017. Very very knowledgeable teacher, any way you want to go with your playing he will be able to lead you in the right direction. Has technical ability as well as real world knowledge about applying what you learn to your songwriting, improvisation etc. Highly recommend.

Andre is a great guitar instructor. Every lesson is fun and interesting and makes me want to come back for more. Always in good humour, Andre knows how to get the best from me and from our time in each lesson. I am looking forward to renewing my lessons for the second half of this season and can unconditionally recommend Andre.

My son, age 13, has taken lessons with André for a year. I'm stunned with the progress he's made in such a short time with guitar lessons. He's playing his favourite hits! He's inspired, clearly, as he practices heaps each day and looks forward to his lesson days. He says that André is an excellent teacher, patient, very descriptive, explains things very clearly and it feels intuitive for my son. He appreciates how André takes the time to understand his learning style and supports him accordingly. We can't recommend André highly enough!

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Music: Joe Satriani
Performance: Andre van Berlo

Music: Nino Rota
Performance: Paul Landsberg & Andre van Berlo

Music: Guns n Roses
Performance: Calum Rife (Bass), Nikki Wozney (Vocal), Andre van Berlo (Guitars)

Music: Extreme
Performance: Rob Lundgren & Andre van Berlo

Music: Gareth Evans & Andre van Berlo

Music: Barrios Mangoré
Performance: Andre van Berlo

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