Group Guitar Lessons For Kids

Kickstart Guitar

Tuesday And Thursday: 9:00-9:45am
Group Size: 4 max
8x 45m sessions, 2 lessons per week, starting in July

Kids Rock: Ages 12-15

Coming in September
Group Size: 4 max
14 Lessons (Between September 1st & Christmas Break)
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Kickstart Guitar: “a fun, kids-only group guitar class”

Riff Ninjas is a fun, kids-only group guitar class where your child will learn to play guitar through different kinds of riffs and jam tracks. The riffs are great because they work for all sizes of hands, making it easier for young rockstars to dive right in and master the instrument. By focusing on riffs, we keep the learning process both accessible and motivating, allowing your child to start jamming and grooving from day one.
But that’s not all! We understand that sometimes a guitar riff might slip from memory or that a new technique might need a little extra reinforcement. That’s why we’ve equipped our classes with an array of captivating and interactive videos that serve as valuable support to the guitar lessons. These videos ensure that if anything is forgotten, your child won’t hit a roadblock and have to wait an entire week to resume their rockstar journey.
These classes are about your child’s connection with music and with the other kidse. Learning to play the guitar happens in the process of all this. Sign up today and let the music work its magic!

Kids Rock “Exploring rhythm, melody, and rock ‘n roll”

Kids rock is a guitar class where your child will explore the world of rhythm, melody, and pure rock ‘n’ roll fun.
During these classes we learn to play guitar through different kinds of songs, riffs and jam tracks. The easy riffs are a great starting point because they enable your child to focus on the music rather than just on the technique. Once the foundation is there we’ll get started on the most used chords and strumming patterns as well so they can learn to play along with others or learn to play and sing themselves.
As with the riff ninjas program your child will have access to the same captivating and interactive videos that serve as support to the guitar lessons. Whenever a student misses a lesson or forgets what was done during class, the online support materials will help with keeping up with the rest of the group.
Even though the class is about learning to play the guitar, there’s plenty of room for laughter, creativity, and the chance to form lifelong friendships with fellow rockers. Sign up today and let your child’s rockstar dreams come alive!


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