I learned more in the first few months of lessons than I ever did by teaching myself from online videos

– Jen Callow


Sarah Orton

André is a phenomenal guitar instructor. His wealth of music knowledge and ability to meet you where you are makes learning swift, and just challenging enough. Lessons are always fun and inspiring and adapted to what I was interested in at the time. Great patience. I found having personalized videos to review after each lesson an encouraging way to stay focused, and in a short amount of time noticed an improvement in both my playing and understanding of theory on the guitar. Originally signed up for a few, ended up staying for many! Thanks André.

André is a great guitar teacher and I highly recommend him. As a musician, he's highly skilled and adept at a wide variety of styles. As a teacher he's patient, explains things clearly and in ways I understand, and makes learning the guitar - including the theory behind it - fun. I learned more from him in the first few months of lessons than I ever did by teaching myself from online videos and the like. My playing is improving and I now have a deeper understanding of the instrument. I'm excited about playing the guitar again and want to learn all I can from him while I have the chance.

This guy is a genius!!!! I've learned more from him in 60 minutes than I have in 6 years.

Andre has been teaching our daughter to play the ukulele since 4 months, and she really likes it a lot. She enjoys going to the weekly classes, and makes slow but steady progress. The main thing is she has fun making music.

André is a highly skilled instructor and master guitarist. I really appreciate how he has focused on lesson plans that hone my skills and challenge my abilities. He is accomplished in being able to play a multitude of different types of music. This makes it much easier to try new things in different styles. I was quite surprised to see that he was actually taking notes on my progress. The fact that he will at times record a particular exercise or section of a piece of music we are working on is also extremely helpful. I enjoy his enthusiasm, insight, and great sense of humor. Very happy to have him as a guide on my musical journey!

My son Miguel is 11 years old. He started studying guitar with Andre and is loving it. Andre has a sweet, firm way that encourages students. Miguel loves going to classes and practices guitar at home every day, I see this as a reflection of Andre's method, as well as his personality as a teacher. I recommend him to everyone who might want guitar classes, I bet that the experience will be amazing!

Andre has been teaching an online lesson to my 10 year old Jaxen for a few months. It is going wonderfully! With so much patience and care, Andre inquires into each students musical taste and preferences to find a pathway that will foster their love for the instrument. Jaxen has been having fun and practicing every day. Andre is very professional and prompt, and an excellent communicator. Would highly recommend 🙂

I have been taking guitar lessons with Andre on and off for quite a while now and I have nothing but good things to say. Andre is a patient, talented, warm teacher who carefully and consistently takes the time to make sure I am understanding the materal . I leave every lesson feeling inspired, and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their guitar playing at any level.

Andre is a great guitar instructor. Every lesson is fun and interesting and makes me want to come back for more. Always in good humour, Andre knows how to get the best from me and from our time in each lesson. I am looking forward to renewing my lessons for the second half of this season and can unconditionally recommend Andre.

Andre is a competent, non-judgemental, humourous and energetic instructor. I am a 60-ish year old person new to music. He guides me towards solving problems. This practise has given me confidence to keep playing and be curious about/look forward to learning more.

André is a great teacher! He always has a good piece of advice for me, something I did not think about. I have been taking guitar lessons with André for about a year now and I have significantly improved. The lessons we did on music theory were great too and I am now able to improvise in a new way and make up my own music. I highly recommend André regardless of your level!

My wife and I have been receiving a shared lesson with Andre for some time now, and are enjoying our sessions immensely. Andre is able to make the transition from Ukelele (which she plays) to guitar (my instrument) seamlessly, and makes us both feel that we are getting the attention we need. Although our progress is gradual, due to other demands on our time, and a less-than-regular practice schedule, Andre is always encouraging, and is able to transmit his love of music to us both, and we leave each session feeling inspired, and with renewed enthusiasm and conviction to learn more. We would recommend any couples wishing to share a musical experience together to consider taking some lessons with Andre. We look forward to it every week! Tim Campbell & Michele Fisher

Absolutely wonderful...a great teacher. Supportive, knowledgeable, and makes it fun! The best decision I made to learn Ukulele.

I found Andre through his YouTube channel after I became interested in guitar during quarantine, and reaching out to him to begin taking private lessons over Zoom is easily the best decision I’ve made in learning the guitar. Even given my relatively strong musical background (as a cellist), Andre’s lessons have helped me see and understand music in a whole new way, which has been a great source of joy for me over the past few months. Notably, Andre has adapted extremely well to the digital format, and our lessons have never felt limited by being on Zoom. The lessons are also just fun—they are a highlight of my week during these unprecedented times. I really can’t recommend Andre enough—if you’re looking to make real, meaningful progress in learning the guitar (and to have fun while doing it) look no further!

Andre is a fantastic guitar teacher! My son would do lessons everyday if he could. Andre is patient, kind and works with the student's interests which makes my son so happy. I can't believe how much he has learned in such a short time. Look no further for a guitar teacher, Andre's the best!

Andre is a fantastic guitar teacher! My son would do lessons everyday if he could. Andre is patient, kind and works with the student's interests which makes my son so happy. I can't believe how much he has learned in such a short time. Look no further for a guitar teacher, Andre's the best!

Lisel Forst

Andre is lovely and the lessons are fun and set me up with good basics and things to practice all week! Watch for my new hit 'Ice cream Strawberry!' So good Thank you!

My son, age 9, is taking guitar lessons with André only for 6 months and can play some of his favorite songs already! André is an excellent guitar teacher for children - he is always fun and cracking jokes, he is patient, explains very descriptive and child fitting, and he’s very encouraging. My son loves to go to his guitar lessons and practices self-inspired (no nagging required - very helpful), because he wants to learn the songs André is selecting for him. André’s approach to teaching is very musical with listening to the songs - so my son can learn his favorite songs without reading music. André kept my son engaged and inspired by enabling him to play a song right from the first lesson on. He is also great at teaching lessons online, showing different camera angles and finding the right pace. If you’re looking for a guitar teacher for your child, we definitely recommend André! Gerda Hammerer, Nelson, BC

Andre is an excellent teacher. He is not only skilled at music but at finding that perfect balance of keeping the kids engaged, laughing, and learning. My son did the group uke/guitar class and he really enjoyed learning along with a small group of other children. The online learning videos/resources were an incredible tool for reviewing and practicing everything that was learned in the class ! I highly recommend Andre as a music teacher. We are truly grateful for his skill and lovely nature.

Nicole Ward

André is an excellent teacher. My daughter is a student and she loves that he makes lessons fun and interactive! He is great with kids, very positive and encouraging, we highly recommend him for guitar!

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On a personal level I’ve known André as a highly intelligent and competent person and guitarist. Teaching with him, writing music with him and even, with over 20 years personal experience playing guitar, 6 of those as a guitar teacher, learning many things from him. He has a knack for explaining things in a slow methodical manner. He really has a natural skill for it.

His drive to make things a success is something that I love in him: always enthusiastic and positive to make things happen.
All his students had their own program. He wrote music, arranged compositions they loved for electric and acoustic
guitar, organised band coaching evenings and was above all a nice and open person to work with for students and colleagues.

P.J. den Hartigh
Coordinator Education and Music,
ToBe Music Foundation

André is a highly educated professional with an amazing variety of qualities in teaching, leading, arranging, and composing. Due to his open,reliable and charming personality and the before-mentioned qualities, I’m convinced André is an enrichment to any music department and an inspiration to any student that he will teach!

Matthias Haffner
Master Percussionist / Educator


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