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group guitar lessons for adults: Singer songwriter's toolbox

Singer Songwriter’s Toolbox

Coming Soon
Group Size: 4 max
10 Lessons (Between September 1st & Christmas Break)
Tuition 350.00
blues guitar lessons nelson bc

Blues Guitar Tool Sh(r)ed

Coming Soon!
Group Size: 4 max
10 Lessons (Between September 1st & Christmas Break)
Tuition 350.00

The Toolbox

In this class, I am dedicated to helping you discover new ways to shape your chords and infuse your music with fresh, captivating sounds.

Throughout the course, we’ll dive deep into a variety of topics, including the exploration of new rhythms and picking/strumming patterns. You’ll be guided to better understand the chords you play and how to, with simple music theory, bring them to a whole new level.

You will not only learn the material but also apply it in songwriting at home, really bringing it to life. Your work will be reviewed, and you will receive suggestions to further develop your writing skills. This approach will help you to master the material by applying it in a creative way.
Don’t treat chords like an afterthought, use them to create your own unique sound so they can shape your music like never before.

Enter The Tool Sh(r)ed!

Dive deep into the heart and soul of the blues as you learn to play, improvise, and truly express yourself through your guitar.

With in-depth lessons on major and minor pentatonic scales, opening the door to the signature sounds that have captivated generations. Explore the art of crafting emotive melodies and the power of authentic phrasing that will make your guitar sing with raw emotion.

But that’s not all – this course delves into the essential building blocks of music: triads and chords. You’ll gain a solid understanding of how to construct harmonies that infuse depth into your blues playing, giving your improvisations a rich and engaging backdrop.

Rhythm is the heartbeat of the blues, and we’ll guide you in mastering intricate rhythms that drive the genre. From the slow, soulful grooves to the upbeat shuffles, you’ll develop the rhythmic prowess that defines great blues guitarists.


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